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Why would you start counselling?

We develop through our lives often using the knowledge and skills we learnt as a child, taken from our caregivers. Most of the time this is fine, but we can find that sometimes we struggle to deal with the issues that arise, because we are still using what we learnt as a child, in adult situations. It can therefore be important for us to update our understanding of ourselves, others and life in a way that reflects our position as an adult. By doing this we are responding appropriately to any given situation, instead of responding as we would have done when we were young.


Exploration into your development helps to strengthen your self-awareness and understanding, enabling you to consider in a clearer way, how you are living your life today. You can then decide whether you want to continue with the way you are doing things or make new decisions, in order to bring about some change.


What is described here, looking at the relationship between your past and present, is the very essence of the counselling work I use at Acorn Counselling Therapy. Using the theory and concepts of Transactional Analysis.

What is Transactional Analysis?

Transactional Analysis or TA is the type of counselling I use at Acorn Counselling Therapy.  It was devised by Eric Berne from the USA in the 1960's. 

The philosophy in TA is that everyone is OK, everyone has the capacity to think and every decision can be changed. This philosophy underpins the counselling work and is very important for you as a client. You will be treated with respect and you won’t be judged because I see the value in who you are. We will use our thinking together to create a contract for the therapeutic work. You will have control over your own counselling, thus enabling you to feel that the changes you make in your life are your own. ​

How is TA useful?

What we learn about ourselves, is drawn not only from our own thinking but also from what others say to us. So, who we are, can be significantly shaped by the world we grow up in. You and I will explore your development over your life, looking at the dynamics of the relationships you had as a child and how they impacted the person you've become. By doing this we can learn to appreciate the impact other people have had on the decisions and judgements you’ve made. This gives you the opportunity to consider, as an adult, whether you want to make any changes to decisions made in the past. 

What parts of my life will be looked at?

​​All counselling involves delving into your behaviour, thinking and feeling. These three parts of us are all equally important, yet, people are all different in how they express and use them. 

How you respond to behaviour, thinking and feeling will undoubtedly be having an impact on your life and it will most certainly come up in the work we do together in the counselling room. Learning how you think, feel or behave can give you focus on which parts of yourself you want to develop and which parts you can use to support the work you do. This is very important and useful on the counselling journey. 


What can you expect from the counsellor?

In counselling sessions, it's normal for your counsellor to listen carefully to what you say. I will also talk openly with you, sharing my own curiosity on what you bring to your sessions and at times I will gently challenge you. This is done in order to help develop your own self-awareness, allowing you to make new decisions about how you want to live your life and grow. 


How will you be protected?

It’s understandable that talking about very personal and intimate things in your life can leave you feeling very exposed. It’s therefore of the upmost importance to me that you are treated with respect and professionalism. I always works ethically and safely, not only to respect and protect your dignity and rights, but also to be compliant with the organisations Acorn Counselling Therapy are associated with.

​​What will be the result of starting counselling?

Undertaking counselling and exploring yourself and your life can be difficult. It can sometimes feel like you are at sea in a small boat being thrown about by the powerful energy of the waves. I will be with you though as we go on this journey together, to explore the parts of your life we have agreed to work on.


It’s possible that you will begin to find hidden parts of yourself that bring you the chance of living life in a much healthier and happier way. You will have the space and time, to work through and develop your understanding of yourself, beginning to feel more open and at ease with who you are.

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