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What will you do to protect your precious mind?

We can all feel broken at certain times during our life, with life inevitably bringing some bumps and scrapes along the way. With care and attention though, we put ourselves back together and often get some support to help us with the repair.

A dolls head with clear fracture lines but pieced together, tear rolling down cheek.
Your state of mind?

Photo by Aimee Vogelsang

Sometimes, the break marks can be seen clearly and we are vulnerable to break again, so it's important we take care of ourselves and ask others to treat us with care. Just as important, is offering help to someone who needs nurturing while they heal.

The cracks and marks etched across our mind show the battles we have faced. External and internal battles. Battles often unwanted, but survived through reslience, inner fight and determination.

Our minds are fantastic! They allow us to think, feel and do the most amazing things. We get on with each day, not thinking too much about what we ask of them. But how do we protect our minds? How do we stop the cracks that form from becoming bigger, potentially leading to serious damage?

Be gentle, be kind, be nurturing to yourself and others.... Give yourself a break..... Lift yourself up when you fall down..... Breathe out.....Take stock of what is going on.... Think about support - Give support.

There are so many ways to demonstrate positive intention to ourselves and to others. Protect your precious mind.


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